Gary Marsolais

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In an industry that has changed dramatically over the past several decades, it is very difficult to find horse trainers that not only have the knowldege but the experience to truly understand the requirements needed to train a horse. 

Born in the city of Toronto in 1955 Gary's love for horses started very young.  He started riding at his grandparents farm, learning how to make a headstall out of binder twine.  Along with his sister, he would ride his bike up Bayview Avenue to a local horse farm where he would ride if he could or just quietly stand by and watch.  By the time Gary turned 12, he was riding hunter/jumpers for Doug Henry.  Gary's Mother understood the passion that her second oldest of 6 children showed.  By the age of 16, Gary's Mother agreed to let him go to Florida to pursue a career training Thoroughbreds at the racetrack.  The only condition was, he had to be a success.  Not just good but the best. His time year.  With his Mother's blessing, Gary got on a plane and headed south and he didn't look back.  Gary became the youngest, at the time, to become a licensed trainer in the State of Florida.  His racing career brought him back to Woodbine every year but every winter he headed back south.  He trained for some of the largest stables and was no stranger to the winners circle.  During his years as a Thoroughbred trainer his passion was riding rope horses.  Having had an accident at the track, Gary had a bad knee which kept him from competing but his hands were lightning fast.  During these early years, Gary would help train rope horses with Canadian Champion, John MacKenzie.  Gary can remember many nights where there would be horses lined up along the arena wall and they would ride into the wee hours of the morning.  Afterwards Gary would head home, grab a few hours sleep and head to the track to his "day" job.

Gary's knowledge and experience is vast and deep without a doubt.  With his very quiet demeanor he was able to watch and learn.  You will not hear about Gary's accomplishments from him as he does not believe in bragging.  If Gary tells you he can do something, you are pretty much guaranteed he can and do it better than most.  Through his experience he has learned many valuable training techniques.  He knows that what works with one horse will  not work with another.  He compares horses to kids, they all learn differently and at a different pace. 

Despite Gary's enviable resume, he doesn't let his success go to his head.  Gary is known for his quiet demeanour and extensive knowledge, but most importantly his unmatched work ethic.  Gary's focus is and always will be working hard at home and being the best horseman he can be.  He is a dedicated family man and his wife and kids share his joy in horses.


Gary is a proud member of the American Quarter Horse Association, Ontario Quarter Horse Association, National Reining Horse Association, Ontario Reining Horse Association, Reining Canada, Association Quebecoise de Reining and Ontario Equestrian Federation.