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From Kristen & Indigo

I brought my gelding, Indigo, to Kerri and Gary, he had a lot of time off from when I had my son and we both lost our confidence of each other and fell behind....even though it was only 30 days they took the time to understand what he was all about.  I was having many problems with him that I just couldn't wrap my head around  to why he was being like this.  I knew it was because of the time off, but then there were more problems starting.  He is the most gentle sweet horse but he doesn't trust easily to anyone.  I had many other trainers even friends tell me he just needed to cool off in the round pen, that I needed to be more firm and raise my voice, that I needed to "show him who's boss"...None of them were right, and Gary and Kerri showed me how none of that will do him any good.  He doesn't respond well to any of that, he has a mysterious past that I'm certain he wasn't treated kindly.  They made me realize that there is no problem with the riding, getting someone else to work with him or ride him won't do him any's the bond that needs to come back, the amount of time I used to spend with him he's missing.  He is missing me.  He felt more secure seeing me all the time, knowing that when I left the next day he would see me again.  I will now make sure  to dedicate every day or night I can to spend any amount of time with him that I am able to.  He is a one person kind of horse, and I am his person.  I've never met people with such compassion to really truly see through a horse's eyes and see and feel what that horse is going through, this isn't just a job to them, it's who they are.  Indigo was so relaxed there and comfortable which was not expected at all especially for the first day.  I wouldn't reccommend anyone else, thank you again.

From Tamara and Jorja

Jorja has waited a long time for this....super proud of her and Eva.  Thank you Kerri and Gary for your super training....Jorja is one happy girl!