Customers' Comments

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We would like to share some of the nice comments Gary has received from past and present clients.  As Gary says, "This is why I do what I do.  Nothing makes me happier than to see someone take their horse home and enjoy him."

"I want to thank Gary for the great start he gave Dillin, our 4 year old TB/Hanoverian cross.  Dillin changed from a big baby into a real horse with Gary!  After leaving, he has continued to learn and improve and I'm sure it's because of the patience and skills of Gary's training in giving him a solid beginning as a riding horse.  The care Dillin received in the barn was excellent.  We were planning on selling Dillin,...but he's turned out so nice I think we might just keep him!
Thanks so much Gary!"

Jenny M.  Chatsworth, Ontario

 "Gary started and trained my now 9 year old Quarter Horse gelding Buddy. This training provided the foundation on which Buddy has now become the wonderful trail horse I wanted. Gary is a professional in his field who not only set Buddy on the right path but provided me with straight forward advice on how I could become a better rider. Thanks Gary."

Caroline F.  Burlington, ON

"Gary Marsolais was referred to me from a friend that has been in the horse industry longer than I have been I know why! Gary Marsolais sets you & your horse up for success -he empowers a young horse to have the correct platform on which you can build a wonderful horse. Gary's building blocks are not breed or discipline specific, rather they relate to consistency, relaxation & suppling.
Gryphon has followed through on an action plan and a foundation that was initiated by Gary. His consistency, his atitude and his wonderful headset all started with Gary Marsolais -thanks Gary, Kerri and Girls for loving my horse as if he was your own!"
Norma M and Gryphon  Cambridge, ON
"We have known Gary and Kerri since 2002. Originally has one of their boarders and this year 2010 as a client. We bought our 4 year old Canadian Warmblood gelding to them for backing. Knowing Gary and Kerri's philosophy on training, we were a hundred percent sure that we were putting him in the right hands. Our gratitude for their care and attention taken to making sure he had the correct start has proven its self ten fold. Due to unforseen circumstances Brando was not ridden from April til August. He moved to a new home where they jumped on him the next day....assuming it was a few weeks since he had been ridden. Comments came flooding in from them, on how quiet and what a "Steady Eddy" he is......currently he is being prep'd for his first show, and giving a 6 year old line lessons....this is because of the correct start and training from G&K....thanks guys!"
Bill & Debbie M.  King City, ON